Pastoral Support

Pastoral support:

  • Students assigned a tutor to take an especial interest in them
  • Strong pastoral system to support students’ welfare
  • Close liaison with parents/carers
  • An established ethos of encouraging students to speak to staff about problems either their own or their friends’
  • Student Support Worker to support students with emotional needs
  • Clinical Psychologist time purchased by the school to support students’ good mental health
  • Programmes to support identified students’ emotional well-being e.g. managing emotions, building positive relationships, managing pressure
  • Referrals made to outside agencies if support is needed beyond the expertise available in school

Designated Safeguarding Officers for each Year Group

If you have any concerns, worries or need to talk to someone please see the Year Group Team below:

Year 7 DSO Team

Year 8 DSO Team

Year 9 DSO Team

Year 10 DSO Team

Year 11 DSO Team

Sixth Form DSO Team