ICT and Computing

Welcome to the Computing/ICT Department

Computing is a compulsory subject in Year 7 and 8 and covers both computer science information technology and digital literacy.  In Year 9 students can choose to study either Computer Science or ICT through to Year 11.


Subject Overview

Years 7 and 8

During  Year 7 and 8 students study a combination of ICT and Computing which follows the national Curriculum Programme of Study in Computing.  This includes:

  • Digital Literacy - students learn how to usea  range of 'office' application s such as word processing and spreadsheets, as well as how to use the Internet effectively and safely.
  • Information Technology - students learn about computer systems and how to apply the skills they have to practical problems.
  • Computer Science - students learn how to use a range of programming applications, developing their knowledge of these whilst at the same time developing skills in analytical thinking.


Years 9 to 11

From Year 9 all students study for either a Level 2 ICT qualification or GCSE Computer Science.  We currently follow the OCR Cambridge Nationals in Information Technologies syllabus for ICT and the AQA Computer Science for Computing.

ICT:  Students study a range of software applications as well as how to plan and manage a project.  The final qualification is made up of one exam and one controlled assesssment unit. 

Computer Science: Students study a range of topics including computer systems, cybersecurity and data representation as well as developing their programdming skills.  The final qualification is made up of two exams and one controlled assessment unit.